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Eddie as doctor Abel Gideon in Hannibal 2x05 appreciation post.

I decided to try and watch older Buzzcocks series. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like it though, because I’m used to Simon’s way of hosting.
But they are GREAT. It’s both amazing and wonderful how much Mark doesn’t give a shit.
So I guess I will be posting some old Buzzcocks from now on?


I hate how much I love this episode.

It’s one of the best things Russell has ever written.

It’s so brilliant how both the Master and “Rassilion” tried to manipulate the Doctor, but then the Doctor’s mother revealed herself and the Master just knew nothing he could say would change Doctor’s mind, so he just stood there. After all there were friends once and they really knew each other.

Also, the Master sacrificed himself to save the Doctor. In the seventies there was a plan for the Master to die for the Doctor. He didn’t because Roger Delgado was killed in a car accident before they could film it. So for me it was extra touching, the way they finally got there after all those years.

So yes, I may hate Russell’s epic emo-drama kind of writing, (and all the stupid things in this one, like the Master race or the cactuses), but this scene (and everything that happened between the Doctor and the Master) makes The End of Time one of my favourite new Who stories.

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Noel’s legendary hatred for Coldplay: Series 27.

[previous series]

QI rewatch: Flora and Fauna

QI rewatch: The Future

Fangirl Challenge10 friendships [2/10]
    ↳ Wendy & Lacey (The Middleman)

"I just wish I wasn’t having such a difficult time of this."
"Sex, waffles and video games? What am I missing?"
"Can you keep a secret?"
"Have I told anybody about that thing with the blueberry pudding pops and the elliptical machine?"

Fangirl Challenge10 movies [1/10]
    ↳ RocknRolla

People ask the question… what’s a RocknRolla? And I tell ‘em - it’s not about drums, drugs, and hospital drips, oh no. There’s more there than that, my friend. We all like a bit of the good life - some the money, some the drugs, other the sex game, the glamour, or the fame. But a RocknRolla, oh, he’s different. Why? Because a real RocknRolla wants the fucking lot.

Fangirl Challenge7 character deaths [1/7]
    ↳ Crais and Talyn (Farscape 3x21 - Into the Lion’s Den (Part Two): Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing)

All that I have cared for have gone. My parents were taken away from me, my brother dead. So now I live, I plan, I do, all in the service of my own interests. In that, I believe, I am not unique in the universe.
Despite all of this, I understand the power of the technology that Scorpius is attempting to harness. I understand the horror that will wash over this galaxy if anyone wields this weapon. And last of all, I now know that I am the only individual capable of stopping it.

 Fangirl Challenge: 10 friendships [1/10]
     ↳ Bernard & Fran (Black Books)

"Have you ever had sex?" 
"You don’t beat around the bush, do you?" 
"Yes! I think so. I’m not sure."
"What happened?" 
"Well, a few New Years ago  I woke up…"
"And I was there…"
"And so was she. And so were our friends, the genitals. All six of us were there."

Dress porn: Vince’s goth outfit (The Mighty Boosh 2x3 - Nanageddon)

[My blog needs more fandom posts, so here we go.
There will be links here. It will probably be a few months/years before I finish it :)]

[10] tv shows

[5] cartoons/anime

[10] movies [1/10]
     ↳ RocknRolla

[10] female characters

[10] male characters

[15] pairings

[10] friendships [2/10]
     ↳ Bernard & Fran
     ↳ Wendy & Lacey

[10] families

[5] pilots

[5] opening credits

[3] genres

[7] heartbreaking scenes/moments

[7] hottest scenes

[7] funniest scenes

[7] character deaths [1/7]
Crais and Talyn

[5] villains

[5] heroes

[7] sceneries

[7] actors

[7] actresses

[5] casts

Admit it. That’s how you play it too.